Likeness Rights Waver  | Digital Agreement for

project ' PHOSPHENE'


I allow BRAMBLETYNE Ltd to use my likeness, in both film, illustration and all digital and printed forms for the project ‘PHOSPHENE’.

I agree that my likeness will be used across multiple platforms, including, but not limited to, online promotion via Kickstarter, and other third-party sites that may help promote the project, with or without permission from BRAMBLETYNE Ltd.

I understand that BRAMBETYNE currently plans to use my likeness to create an illustrated ‘graphic novel’ based on the film that I’m already verbally attached to (PHOSPHENE). 

I accept that all footage related to PHOSPHENE featuring myself is the property of BRAMBLETYNE Ltd and I allow them to use it without compensation. 

I accept that any use of my likeness for this project may be used without compensation or direct credit in any printed or digital form. 

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